7 Benefits to Becoming a Subcontractor

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Doing business with the government comes with a long list of rules, regulations, and complex ordering and billing processes. In other words: a lot of red tape. Many companies don’t have the resources, expertise, or appetite for risk that navigating direct sales to the government requires.

Recognizing this, the federal government has formalized the contractor/subcontractor process for many bids, requiring, in many cases, companies who have the expertise to work with a small, diverse supplier base for at least a portion of that contract. This helps maintain a competitive environment for acquisitions and ensures that the supply chain for critical products and services does not become monopolized by a single company.

As a prime contractor, JetCo Federal has pushed this approach even further, purposefully and proactively developing relationships with a wide partner network, making access to contracting opportunities even more seamless for the commercial market. Our team of compliance and operations experts manage subcontracting requirements directly, so companies can do business as a commercial partner.

Here are some of the ways that working with a prime contractor benefits our supplier network.

  1. We communicate directly with the government.
  2. Contracts and the resulting requirements are solely held by JetCo Federal, so suppliers are working with a commercial partner under separate terms.
  3. Sometimes, compliance flows down to subcontractors. We communicate requirements with guidance early, and clearly.
  4. We pay our suppliers on time, even if the government does not pay us on time.
  5. We understand industry terminology and government terminology.
  6. We are transparent and specific about what we need from supplier partners.
  7. We provide training and support as needed.

Becoming a subcontractor

A diverse commercial subcontracting network benefits businesses by leveling the playing field, and it benefits the government by ensuring redundancies in the supply chain for critical products. With the JetCo Federal supplier program, you can proactively register to be considered for opportunities with subcontracting. Because we hold multiple government contracting vehicles, you can focus on your operations while we focus on the red tape.

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