Corrugated Cartons & Sheets

NAICS: 322211, 541420, 561910

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Safe, Secure, Custom Packaging Solutions

It’s not just a box. Different functions require different boxes. We won’t bore you with our knowledge of them, which makes us super fun at social events. (We know not everyone is as passionate about packaging as we are.)

If you put your products in an under-engineered box, the contents aren’t protected. If that box is over-engineered, it’s a waste of money and corrugated raw materials. And while we’re at it, if a customer intends to triple-stack products and store them for a few months, they need a different box than if they plan on shipping something.

When someone comes to us in need of a packaging solution, we know what they’re really asking is for our help protecting their products during the storage or shipping processes. That’s why we work closely with our customers to understand any specific requirements they may have and how they intend to use our cartons and sheets. 

This might seem boring if you’re not in the packaging business. But our repeat customers love it. We are genuinely passionate about developing a solution that makes sure products arrive safely every time.

Our Corrugated Products

Our team supplies a wide variety of packaging solutions, all of which are designed to fit each customer’s unique specifications and dimensions. We proudly offer:

Get the Right Packaging Solution

JetCo Federal brings an oddly nerdy love of logistics to our operations. We are uniquely qualified to act as a single source for many different types of corrugated products. Defense customers trust us to handle a ton of varied projects, including contracts with 100+ unique line items. That’s everything from big, thick, triple-walled sheets to small, single-walled boxes. We also manage smaller order quantities and custom orders to locations across the country.