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NAICS: 321920

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Build the Right Pallet Base

You don’t get far in life without the right support. The same is true when it comes to skids in warehouses across the country—without a comprehensive build, it’s easy to wind up with a mess on your hands.

JetCo Federal is here to help. Government pallet requirements are detailed and unambiguous. JetCo Federal is a reliable partner to DoD agencies for pallet manufacturing and deliveries. We also understand that government installations have varying and specific needs for pallets, from highly customized hardwood pallets for chemical equipment management to winged heat-treated pallets for storage and distribution. No matter what your organization is looking for, we can make it happen. 

Our Pallet Capabilities

Our team offers pallets that will fit just about any job. We can confidently complete requests for pallets with special requests like:

Pallet Excellence

JetCo Federal successfully completes pallet contracts for the U.S. Navy and U. S. Army, winning repeat recompetes. When we talk about excellence, it’s not just a word. It’s the track record we have when it comes to fulfilling pallet requirements.