Bring on the Complex

At JetCo Federal, we are always asking the question: “How hard can it be?” Many companies see complexity as risk. JetCo has a different approach. We embrace challenges and want to win, every single day. Whether it’s a demanding contract or thorny sourcing problem, our team delivers on time and on budget.

We win the right way because our stakeholders deserve it.

Our Values

Collaborate and Care.

We are all connected.


Exercise transparent accountability.


Win the right way.


Be curious. Focus. Filter. Act.


Be creative. Continually ask how to do it better.


Be memorable—in a good way.


Be curious. Welcome diversity of thought. Focus. Filter. Act.


Be relentless. Be disciplined. Find a way.

Our 4-Point Proven Process

From your first impression to our after action review, customers experience our 4-Point Proven Process the same way, every time.

female factory worker inspecting packaging

Focused, Transparent Solutions

JetCo is focused. Instead of trying to be all things to all customers, we only bid on business that fits our expertise. If we bid, it’s because we know we can win and successfully impress our customer. 

Our solutions are as unique as you are. We find what success looks like to you by combining expertise with an intense curiosity about you, your culture and structure. We synthesize the complex details, filter through requirements, vet the right partner from our diverse network of suppliers, forecast and draw from our past performance to build individualized solutions that will get you to your goal.

Effective Contract Onboarding and Obsessive Compliance

After the win, we effectively transition from capture to operational fulfillment with details that build the foundation for success. All contract requirements are fully defined and confirmed, and our contract compliance matrix fully operationalized.

Solution Fulfillment

Our goal is to impress you throughout the operational process, with strong communication, respect for deadlines, budget, and quality.

Review and Repeat

When a contract ends, we close out in a way that earns your repeat business and recommendation, allows us to learn, and maintains compliance and reporting standards.

Quality Policy

JetCo Federal delivers quality products and services on time and to specifications. We will meet all requirements with integrity, accountability, and continual improvement of processes.