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Mary Bruce


Mary is concise, motivated, and a Slytherin. Growing up, Mary wanted to be the Manager of the Detroit Tigers. Now, she manages transportation activities for JetCo Federal. 

Which JetCo office dog is Mary? Huxley – he’s excellent at being in the present, embracing new adventures, and appreciating the world around him.

dog playing with snow
dog standing on carpet

Sue Schweim Tellier


Sue is intense, particular, and neurotic about exceeding expectations. When she was little, Sue wanted to be President of the United States. Now she runs JetCo Federal.

Which JetCo office dog is Sue? Madeline – she has distinctive quirks and is intense about everything.

Keoni Warrington


Keoni is positive, passionate, and supportive of those around him. When he was in middle school, Keoni wanted to be an architect as he was fascinated by buildings on his trips to school. Now he oversees the creation and coordination of sales orders for JetCo Federal and walks clients through the process.

Which JetCo office dog is Keoni? Kacey – she may not need any fancy tricks but her passion is unparalleled.

dog standing in a field
dog on the couch

Reem Yaw


Reem is loyal, friendly, and independent. When she was little, Reem wanted to be a teacher. Now she provides behind-the-scenes support for the GSA contract and leverages existing vehicles while creating a platform strategy for JetCo Federal.

Which JetCo office dog is Reem? Ginger – She is so sweet, friendly, and loyal through all things.

Lisa Young


Lisa is bold, loyal, and an advocate. When she was little, Lisa wanted to be an astronaut, archeologist, U.S. Supreme Court Justice or speech writer for the President. Now she provides behind the scenes administrative, accounting, human resources and facilities support for JetCo Federal.

Which JetCo office dog is Lisa? Rocco – He doesn’t mind getting dirty to get the job done. Case in point, he’s willing to dig through the trash to find a treat.

yellow lab dog