Our Proven Process

From the first interaction to the post-delivery review, customers can expect to experience our 4-Point Proven Process the same way, every time.

Working Together to Achieve Results


In an industry plagued by an ‘all things to all customers’ mindset, JetCo stands out with focus. We bid on business that fits our expertise. If we bid, it’s because we know we can succeed when we win the contract.

Our solutions are as unique as your challenges. We combine experience and capabilities with an intense curiosity. We synthesize complex details, filter through requirements, identify and mitigate risks, and forecast and draw from our past performance to build targeted solutions.
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Effective Contract Onboarding and Obsessive Compliance

After the win, we effectively transition from capture to operational fulfillment with details that build the foundation for success. All contract requirements are fully defined and confirmed, and our contract compliance matrix fully operationalized.
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We will impress you throughout the operational process, with strong communication, respect for deadlines, budget, and quality, and transparent accountability.
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Review and

When a contract expires, we close it the same way we started – with deliberate focus to earn repeat business, learn, and comply with requirements.
Although each product and service has different lead times, we manage and maintain redundant, qualified supply chain partners for every aspect of our product mix. This allows us to overcome supply chain challenges creatively.

We Get Packaging “Just Right”

When customers are open to it, we love taking on a consultative role to guide this process. It results in goods and services that fit the customers’ application more closely than they may otherwise. After all, too much packaging isn’t always necessarily better. Remember that old fairy tale where something was too hot or too cold or just right? Well, it’s the exact same with packaging.