Unique Packaging Solution Saves Money, Time, and Customer

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JetCo Federal is a company that cares about our customers and, by extension, our customers’ customers.

One of our commercial customers that produces customized visual communication products came to JetCo to help solve just such an issue. Its longstanding partnership with a top client was at risk. Their client demanded a more cost effective packaging solution for their products or else they would look elsewhere for their product needs.

These products are extremely important in the manufacturing industry as they help create organized, efficient, and productive 5S Lean visual workplaces, but they vary greatly in size, weight, material, and measure and can be difficult to package for safe shipping. Therefore, the packaging solutions for the products are quite unique.

Over the next few weeks, JetCo Federal facilitated several meetings and sample sessions that included stakeholders from our corrugated and foam suppliers, JetCo employees, and our customer. The purpose of these sessions was to identify a more efficient, cost-effective packaging solution.

The result of the solutioning included reductions in the amount and size of packaging foam, an overall redesign and reduction in the size of the box, and several unintended advantages. For example, the new box design no longer requires glue and can now be produced as sheets. This new process resulted in the desired reduced cost, as well as faster manufacturing. Due to the reduction in packaging size, our customer can now use a smaller shipping pallet and put more product on each pallet, allowing for an almost 50% reduction in shipping costs.

JetCo Federal was able to provide our customer with a complete packaging solution that was faster to produce, less expensive, and more efficient to ship, while maintaining structural integrity to protect the products. When all these changes were implemented, the new packaging solution cost nearly 50% less than the previous solution. Additionally, our customer was able to apply this packaging solution to another similar contract. Our customer increased its orders to JetCo Federal by almost 40%.

Are you having trouble developing efficient solutions to your supply chain or logistics needs? Contact JetCo Federal to learn more about how our team of experienced professionals walk alongside you to solve complex problems with creative and effective solutions.

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