What is it Like to Work With Us?

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When working with government agency clients, we’re provided with honest feedback on our performance through a Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR).  A CPAR can be considered a “report card” on how well a contractor is performing or has performed on a contract. After feedback is given from the person awarding the contract (the Contracting Officer), it is put into a system where other Contracting Officers can refer to it when making decisions on which company to award a contract to. Each evaluation must be based on objective data supported by program and contract/order management records. This includes:

  • Cost performance reports
  • Customer comments
  • Quality reviews
  • Technical interchange meetings
  • Financial solvency assessment
  • Construction/production management reviews
  • Contractor operations reviews
  • Functional performance evaluations
  • Earned contract incentives

A CPAR evaluation is prepared by the Assessing Official every 12 months throughout the life of a contract. Once the report is processed and reviewed, the contractor may review and comment on the assessment within 30 calendar days of the evaluation. There’s a lot that goes into a CPAR. But, in simple, terms, CPARS matter. A lot. So, if you’re wondering what it’s like to work JetCo Federal, here’s the answer – straight from our government CPARS.

We deliver products on-time.

Delivering the incorrect product or delivering a late order can delay the government’s process. For example, the government uses our boxes to supply items to troops overseas. If the government didn’t have these boxes, it would mess with their entire process. That’s why we understand that every product delivery needs to be made on-time, every time. Here’s what our CPARS said about our product deliveries.

“[JetCo Federal] has set scheduling as a top priority… [they] reduced their allotted delivery time of 45 days, on average, to 25 to 35 days.” – DLA CPARS 2019

 “JetCo’s management is very responsive to the Government’s needs. They are proactive and have reached out to the Government several times through meetings, emails, and phone calls to provide updates on their business operations regarding boxes, recommendations on box requirements, process improvements, shipping issues, etc. The management and staff are very professional in their communications with the Government.” – DLA CPARS 2016

We’re customer oriented.

JetCo Federal isn’t a company that goes through the motions. We’re in constant communication with our Contracting Officers throughout the entire bid process, which is outlined below.

  1. Solicitation Release. During this part of the process, we make sure to ask questions and get clarifications in order to formulate a strong response.
  2. Bid Submission. Once our bid is submitted, we follow up to ensure the Contracting Officer doesn’t need additional information from us until the time of the award.
  3. Contract Award. If we are awarded a contract, our operations team takes over to coordinate a successful delivery and ensures the government receives the correct, undamaged product.
  4. Future Solicitations. The JetCo Federal team also communicates with Contracting Officers regarding future solicitations, such as when they will be released and if we can have any influence on set-asides.

Communicating clearly with our government agency clients is an important customer service aspect that we’re proud of. But don’t just take it from us, here’s what our CPARS said about our communication and customer relationship.

“JetCo management is forward thinking and continually strives to improve its business relationship with the Government.” – DLA CPARS 2016

“Management is very knowledgeable of their product, extremely attentive to the customer’s need and exceptionally accommodating to providing information, when requested, in a timely and expedient manner. Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order’s most significant requirements, I would recommend them to similar requirements in the future.” – DLA CPARS 2019

We’re compliant.

We follow the rules. It’s ingrained into everything we do. From flowdowns to compliance matrices, our team ensures we’re compliant in every aspect of our process. Overall, maintaining federal compliance is important to ensure federal contracting business. Here’s what our CPAR said about our ability to be compliant.

“[JetCo Federal] complies with all FAR, DFAR, DLAD regulations according to contract specifications.” – DLA CPARS 2019

So, if you’re looking to work with a reliable supplier to help meet your warehouse and packaging needs, look no further. We’re ready to tackle your challenges.

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