3 Benefits of Working with a GSA Contract Holder

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Are you looking to sell to the government or expand your sales? The General Services Administration (GSA) allows companies to sell to the government on their version of an Amazon-type website. Becoming a GSA contract holder can be time-consuming and resource intensive, however, if you are a subcontractor working with a company who has a GSA schedule, you do not need to get a GSA Schedule yourself. So, what are the benefits of working with a company who has a GSA contract?

1. Prices are verified by the government.

This means you don’t have to determine the price of your products. The government’s price is established from day 1 and cannot be negotiated per contract. In the long run, this saves you time and resources as you don’t have to price items.

2. Contracts are more accessible.

By becoming a supplier with us, you’ll have access to opportunities that non-GSA holders don’t have access to. Additionally, you don’t have to look for these opportunities as finding them is already a part of JetCo Federal’s day-to-day operations. Currently, JetCo Federal has a GSA Schedule 81, which includes shipping, packaging, and packing supplies. As we expand our capabilities and products, we will also expand to additional GSA Schedules.

3. Suppliers can take advantage of small business set asides.

Currently, the government’s goal is to award 5% of all federal contracts to women-owned small businesses (WOSBs) and 23% of all federal contracts to small businesses. JetCo Federal is a women-owned small business with large capabilities. Even if you are a large supplier, you can utilize our WOSB and small business status to qualify for contracts that you wouldn’t normally qualify for.

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier for JetCo Federal, contact us. Even if you don’t currently fit under Schedule 81’s shipping, packaging, and packing supplies, still contact us as we are in the process of expanding our capabilities and products.

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