Pallets & Custom Pallets

Products are often damaged in transit and storage.

JetCo Federal supplies all styles and sizes of standard and custom wooden pallets. JetCo Federal also supplies composite pallets, shipping platforms, and custom crating.

Often, pallets and especially wooden pallets, are seen as a uniform commodity because of their wide use in manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation. However, factors like weight distribution, material strength, and quality differ throughout the industry. As a longtime supplier to the Department of Defense and other Federal agencies, JetCo Federal has developed relationships with manufacturers that can meet and exceed the high standards set for procurement of mission-critical supplies.

Man Pushing Pallet Jack


  • Certified heat-treated pallets

  • Custom crates, totes, and bins

  • Wood pallets (all Grade A quality)

  • Corrugated pallets

  • Aluminum pallets

  • Plastic pallets

  • Pallet covers